Applied Performance and Leadership Institute


In an individualized technology-driven society, we experience the deep need for interconnectedness, affiliation and leadership that does not divide, but brings us closer together.
Our program helps emerging leaders represent new ideas in a new light, without associating them with personal agenda.
Applied performance and externalized presentation skills help improve marketing, eliminate competition, and eliminate the fear of speaking out.

Suggested ideas

public speaking from the heart

disarming impostor syndrome

winning ideas

decision making in zero visibility

leading through change

vision as hope

story marketing

externalizing conversations

leveled conversation

sale as prediction

applied performance 

affiliate leadership

honesty vs. vulnerability

client-centered presentations

self-esteem vs progress

immediate profiling

2-Hour Group Workshops

Motivation and Creativity workshops for creative teams. Please contact us for available themes


Motivation speeches for entrepreneurs, business start-up owners, and women


On creative process and creativity development

Creataive Project Support

Individual and joint sessions for small business creative teams