What are the webinars like?

We don't teach specific art techniques, but study the principles that are applicable to all art. We explore and explain creative process as a whole, and you will be working in your own  element, in tune with your own style,  parallel to the fellow students.  Classes include mini-lectures and meditative exercises.


Optional creative exercises will be provided to you to do at home between sessions. You will have an option to share notes, photos, or create expressive art sketches in our secret facebook group.

Your homework will be a short response to the question about your relationships to the theme discussed, shared with the group via our forum for inspiration.


Webinar format does not require interaction during the class times. 

We are an entirely online studio. Classes are held via zoom.

What are the group workshops like?



You will be provided the same exercises as in webinars, but you will have a chance to speak/show our work and receive feedback.

Our workshops are interactive and require personal participation via zoom video to help develop artistic personality and interpersonal, presentation skills, for self-discovery and support. 


We will attempt simple acting exercises,  public speaking, storytelling, or expressive arts and photography (whatever workshop you choose to take), to nurture confidence and practice speaking about your work. 


Each week, you will be partnered with a fellow student for support, to discuss assignments in a private call. The goal is to allow you to beta-test your homework with a supportive friend before you present it in class.

We are an entirely online studio. Workshop participation is limited to 12 students. Workshops are held live via zoom meetings. 

What is individual session like?

You want to stay in shape. Some people benefit from just one session, others take it twice a year, others monthly, some once a week.

Individual coaching has no structure. You book a session on our website, then we meet via zoom, and speak about your life, your creative project, or anything else that is important to you. Together, we brainstorm to fine-tune your personal creative processes, define priorities, and make sure your creative journey continues.

One of the reasons may be that you want to talk your projects step-by-step with someone who is not a family ( they listen, but can they advise?) or a colleague (they can advise but would you want them to?) or maybe you want to simply gain confidence or discover something new.

What is Sisterhood Circle?

Sisterhood Circle is a series of self-discovery and support workshops. You do not have to be working on a creative project, the goal of this class is to raise confidence levels and acquire emotional support. Each workshop consists of self-discovery exercises, whether it is moving meditations, journaling, or ink blots paining. Each class is different and is planed according to eastern alchemy of the solar calendar. You can enroll at the beginning of each month, each month has its own theme for exploration. Some sisters decide to stay for more than one class - that is how we form the bond of sisterhood. We speak freely, express ourselves freely, and get braver every day.


You mentioned self-healing aspect. Is this like therapy?

This is not a healing practice. The difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching addresses your present, you in the now: we do not heal past trauma. Instead, we  help you concentrate on your  strengths, resilience, and inspiration. The practice is not intended to serve as legal or financial advice, either: we only provide creative suggestions and recommend you connect to professional services if legal or financial advice is needed.