This is a creative, experimental, experiential space

which holds benefits of a philosophical retreat,

creative school  +  one-on-one coaching support


where friends

become family



The studio was set up in 2020 by Cat Orloff to help  foster creative community and bring hope 

during the pandemic. 

 We look at your life and your creative process simultaneously, to help build up on your strengths and eliminate creative blocks, negative thinking and life obstacles on the way to creative prosperity. We are welcoming everyone who is, or wants to be, creative in their decisions and in their lives.

Lead by Cat Orloff,  photo editor, producer (Getty Images, MSNBC, Wireimage, NBA, AP, CBS, HBO), creativity coach, personal growth coach. 

All online. All confidential.

She coaches the potential, the opportunity, preparing you for the great future to come. I feel more content with my life overall.



Cat is ready for a deep dive with you. She is someone you won't hesitate sharing your personal emotional issues with.


Very positive experience, positive reinforcement helps moving forward step-by-step.  I am more confident showing my art.


What Is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity coaching is a journey of self-discovery and progress. If you have a project you want to be working on, something you want to do, but feel reluctant to start or continue,  coaching will help you organize both your time and  ideas, receive accountability, inspiration and support. Our goal is to help you complete your dream project - and keep moving forward.

Creativity Coaching Association

Creative Explorations are based on the Creativity Coaching Association (CCA) platform, inspired by an amazing teacher and creativity leader Dr. Eric Maisel. In addition, I bring in my own academic, applied research and professional experience, making the concept my own in a unique, refreshing way.

But I am not a creative person, can I attend?

Absolutely! Our classes are not intended for professionals only.  We teach acting skills to non-actors, photography skills to non-photographers and public speaking to introverts. We add philosophy, psychology, art history, mythology and energy work to boost imagination and self-reliance. You don't have to be an artist to experience personal growth and unlock your creative potential.

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