I have a gift to discover talents in others.

15 Years in Media


Getty Images, Associated Press, Wireimage, MSNBC, HBO, CBS, NBA, BellTV Productions, Texas Conference for Women




Conference on Cultural Mediatization


Psychiatric Anthropology Conference


Seattle Film Festival


Editor for:

Future of Storytelling

Genius Gala Conference

Greenwich Film Festival

Hamptons Film Festival

Architecture Conferences

Savannah Film Festival

ATV Festival

UNICEF Snowflake 

CMT Music Awards

CNN Heroes Awards

Grammy Awards

Tony Awards

Red Dress Awards

and many others



Always Learning


Scriptwriting - 1 year, Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography

BA Photography, Advertising Brooks Institute of Photography

MA Film and Media Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Film Directing; Moscow State University, TV Journalism

MA Conflict Resolution and International Relations, American Military University

MBA Marketing American Public University System

PsyD Clinical Psychology - in progress, California Southern University


About Me



Growing up,  I liked watching cargo ships go in and out the harbor, passing the small beacon. No matter how independent I was, or how much freedom I wanted,  I always felt the presence of a guiding light. 

from scratch

I started out in a tent in El Capitano Beach near Santa Barbara, CA, as a new immigrant with no tangible assets but a 4X5 camera and 1986 Cadillac Seville that was gifted to me by a friend.



night shifter


It was not easy, and took years of nightshift work. I am an expert on social isolation and professional integration, which is priceless when I speak to clients that are feeling overwhelmed by mainstream culture. 

creativity as communication

My life was eventful and forced me to grow wider, not taller. Instead of specializing, I got trained in photography, journalism, script writing, film directing, marketing, conflict resolution, psychology. 



editor first, artist second

I like to introduce outside-the-box solutions, organize and decode the most puzzling ideas. 

left corporate world

After a corporate career, I branched off to be an independent editor consultant handling the VIP clients' PR content for media coverage. 


like a movie


I saw a lot of  projects created. Each day, a new assignment, a new client. I was often being flown to different cities and worked from airports, trains, boats (and even a submarine once). The Pandemic changed my life, and now I am using it as an excuse to help others organize their work processes.


Not only I work with the best photographers, but I was able to see the most influential people in person: Stephen Hawking, Brene Brown, Mark Zuckerberg, Martha Stewart, Lady Gaga and many others, which allowed me to gain a perspective on what it takes to be an inspiring leader. My mission is to help creatives obtain the necessary confidence and direction.


to share

My media work taught me to separate myself from the noise. There is a concept in Buddhism called Wabi. The beauty in imperfection, the harmony in the now, openness to honesty and truth. I am not going to promise that you will write your book in 30 days, build a class in one day, and get a 6-figure salary tomorrow. There will be no fake promises or little white lies. 


But I will do everything in my power for you to be ready -  to work on that book, build a class, start a creative business and, if opportunity presents itself, take that job with 6 figures. Is coaching necessary? It is not. But it is enriching, inspiring, and disciplining process. Through creativity we transform and grow. Through creativity we become more enjoyable people.



  "Whatever difficulties you face,

there is something that you can do well and thrive in it"

Stephen Hawking

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